Microsoft Officially Ends Support for Windows Phone 8.1

Windows Phone 8.1
Microsoft finally officially ended its support for Windows Phone 8.1. Through notices on its website, the company announced it will no longer support the operating system from July 11, 2017.

Nevertheless, Windows Phone 8.1 users are actually still very large. Quoted from Phone Arena, the operating system is still installed in more than 70 percent of Windows Phone users today.

To that end, Microsoft continues to push WP 8.1 users to update their devices to Windows 10 Mobile. One of them uses Upgrade Advisor to help users know whether the device is compatible with the brand-new operating system.

Information about Microsoft support for Windows Phone 8.1 is already known from the operating system's cycle schedule. The company promised to provide operating system support, including security for 36 months after its introduction.

Although it is official, not yet certain whether Microsoft will give additional time for Windows Phone 8.1 users to switch to Windows 10 Mobile. In addition, it is possible that the company will release updates for certain situations.

For information, Windows Phone 8.1 was first launched in 2014. Some of the features that this system releases simultaneously include Live Tiles, World Flow keyboards, the latest Office applications, including Cortana, Microsoft's virtual assistant.

Since the release of Windows 10, Microsoft is carrying unification on its operating system. So, the experience of running Windows 10 remains the same despite using different devices.

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