Microsoft Paint Immediately Close Age

Microsoft Paint
For you 90s generation that grows with PC operating system Windows 98, XP or Vista, surely know very well with Microsoft Paint.

Yes, Microsoft Paint is Microsoft old app for drawing. Usually, Microsoft Paint is used to draw doodles or simply coloring.

The bad news, Microsoft Paint will no longer be supported by the company. According to the information posted in Gizmodo, the app will go into deprecated status (in effect) along with the next Windows 10 software update.

Despite a technology company based in Redmond, the US claims Microsoft Pain is no longer supported and removed. It is uncertain whether Microsoft will roll Paint a new version in Windows Update 10 Fall Creators Update.

Microsoft Paint itself was first released in 1985 on the first version of Windows 1.0. The app always has a feature upgrade in every version of Windows updates from time to time. Today, Microsoft Paint pocketed 100 million active users every month.

Not just drawing and coloring, Microsoft Paint also has a number of simple tools that allow users to edit images with crop and resize. However, its features are limited. Therefore, this image editing tool can not be used for editing like Adobe Photoshop.

Not just Microsoft Paint, a number of other legacy apps that will be deleted in the latest Windows 10 updates include Outlook Express, as well as Microsoft Reader and Reading List, which will be integrated with Microsoft Edge browser.

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