Microsoft Will Provide HoloLens 2 with Artificial Intelligence

HoloLens 2
Microsoft plans to instill artificial intelligence technology (Artificial Intelligence / AI) on the latest generation HoloLens. This technology is considered to make the performance of HoloLens more nimble even without an internet connection.

As reported by Wareable, HoloLens 2 reportedly will be equipped with a co-processor that can analyze an object without having to access the cloud. With this technology, HoloLens can recognize an object, including recognizing hand movements and other commands while running.

In fact, HoloLens is designed to support a better computing experience on the Windows 10 operating system. Unfortunately, the feature connected to the internet makes the use of HoloLens un-free.

"This kind of thing is necessary if you want to develop a mixed reality device into a smart device," said HoloLens Science Director Marc Pollefeys via his blog on Tuesday (7/25/2017). Mixed reality or mixed reality is a mixture of the real world and the virtual world.

No information about the certainty HoloLens released. However, Microsoft presents HoloLens 2 for the developer version that is priced at US $ 3,000.

Microsoft is not the only technology company that developed artificial intelligence-based devices. Google also does the same thing by developing machine learning (machine learning) which is another branch of artificial intelligence.

This technology is developed in order to be used for other devices, such as smartphones to wearable. While Apple is reportedly developing a chip based on artificial intelligence.