NASA: Drones Voice Is Very Disturbing

If you are familiar with the drone, surely you know what sound the unmanned drone sound produced. At first glance, drone sound when operated like a sound on a computer. It's not too hard, but for NASA, the sound of drones is considered very disturbing.

According to research conducted by the US space agency to 38 unmanned vehicle subjects, the results show that drones are unmanned vehicles that have the most annoying sound.

As reported by Digital Trends, this research is done by playing the sound of 38 subjects recording, ranging from cars, drones, vans, to trucks. NASA then gave the ratings of vehicles rated as disturbing to the most disturbing.

"What we found was that the sound of this unmanned drone produced a systematic noise that would be bigger, compared to car sounds, when we compared it with the same volume," said NASA research engineer Andrew Christian.

Nevertheless, Christian hopes that this research does not inhibit the presence of drones for any field, not just for goods delivery only. We do not mean that, "he said.

According to him, drone sound is not good to hear and humans are not accustomed to hear the sound of this kind of vehicle. However, in the next 30 years, it can change.

"I think everyone has different views, and at the airport, people might think the aircraft sounds very noisy, but not for those who live near the runway, they're used to it," he said.

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