NFC on iOS 11 Functions Not Just for Apple Pay

Currently, Apple is using the Near Field Communication (NFC) feature on its smartphone as a tool for Apple Pay's mobile payment system. This NFC feature allows two devices to communicate from close range.

Apple first presented the feature on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, and restricted its use for payment services via mobile device, Apple Pay. However, the latest information in circulation says it will change when iOS 11 launches.

Reported from Phone Arena, reported iOS 11 comes with Core NFC, allowing developers access the NFC on the iPhone, so features can be used on the application of their work. With Apple's latest mobile operating system, NFC tags can be read on certain iPhone models.

NFC tag reading capabilities allow compatible devices to access certain applications, and change the contact-specific settings that come with tags.

In addition, consumers can also stand next to the store shelves and learn more information from products offered by stores that consumers visit. NFC can also help manufacturers track products from assembly plants to distributed to stores.

Core NFC will be available on Apple iPhone 7, Apple iPhone 7 Plus and latest models. Developers interested in learning Core NFC can read the documents Apple released on its official website. 

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