Nintendo Promises SNES Classic Edition Stock on Safe Market

Nintendo Promises SNES Classic Edition Stock on Safe Market
One of the problems that gamers face when Nintendo launches NES Classic Edition is the number of unlimited console units. Therefore, the price of NES Classic Edition was immediately jumped sharply in various online stores or offline.

Learning from it, Nintendo uncovered the sales strategy that will be done related to the recently announced SNES Classic Edition console.

Quoting Nintendo's statement via Polygon, the company claims to produce more SNES Classic Edition than the NES Classic Edition unit.

Although this is quite encouraging news, unfortunately Nintendo did not give exact figures how many units of the console SNES Classic Edition will be produced.

In its official statement Nintendo said, "We do not provide specific numbers, but we will produce more Super NES Classic Edition units than we did when NES Classic Edition."

But the question is actually not how many units will be produced, but how long the console will be produced. Remember, Nintendo stopped production of NES Classic Edition in a short time, but the console is successful in the market.

Nintendo said, "Production of the console will run from 29 September until the end of 2017." Regarding the fate of the console after 2017 is still a mystery.

So, interested in following the pre-order SNES Classic Edition when it started?

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