Nokia 3310 Luxury Welcomes Trump and Putin Summit

Nokia 3310
Utilizing the moment of the G20 Summit held in Hamburg, Germany, Nokia tries to steal the show with the 3310 edition of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

Caviar, a manufacturer of luxury jewelry and luxury goods from Russia, released the Nokia 3310 version of 2017 with a touch of elegance and luxury. Quoted from Tech Crunch, Nokia 3310 body coated with precious metals, titanium, and gold with the best quality.

What makes it interesting, on the back of this luxury phone emblazoned world heroes who are true eternal enemies, namely Russian President Vladimir Putin and President of the United States Donald Trump.

This phone seemed to welcome the meeting Trump with Putin. As is known, the Summit is a moment when all Heads of State in the world, including their second meeting.

Caviar glued a golden palette carved into a picture of Trump and President Putin on the back of the phone. Right underneath is a golden pallet bearing the G20 German 2017.

The gold layer is also pinned on the camera circle as well as the display bezel on the front. As a result, the display of this phone so more premium than the standard version.

Then what is the price of the legendary phone? Caviar mention Nokia 3310 plated figure Trump and Putin is priced at US $ 2,500.

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