Nokia 8 Will Have a Gold Color Variant?

Nokia 8
The mystery of Nokia 8 is increasingly revealed. This time, some of Nokia's latest smartphone photos are circulating in the Baidu forum, China.

This time the photo in circulation is a form of suspected Nokia 8 colored phone gold. Previously, leaked photos show only gray and blue variants.

The photo is arguably similar to a leaked photo of Nokia 8 that appeared earlier. The difference is, there is no label "Zeiss" in the back camera. Carl Zeiss camera lens called many parties as one of Nokia's flagship features 8.

Just for information, Carl Zeiss is known to have worked with HMD Global, the company licensed Nokia.

Previously rumored Nokia 8 is a high-end smartphone. His brain will use Snapdragon 835 with randon access memory RAM of 4 gigabytes. 5.3-inch screen and dual camera with 13 megapixel resolution. Reportedly this phone will be released later this month. 

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