Obey Apple Regulation Remove VPN Service from China App Store

apple company
In order to comply with regulations in China, Apple said it would remove the VPN service from the App Store there.

Referring to Reuters, this draws criticism from the VPN service providers. They even accused Apple of being subject to Chinese government pressure.

To note, China has long blocked certain services and websites for internet users there. But armed with VPN services, internet users can still access the service and website.

In a statement, an Apple spokesman confirmed that the technology giant from the United States that it will remove applications that do not comply with regulations in China from the App Store. The applications in question include applications based outside of China such as VPN services.

The government has recently shut down a number of local VPN service providers. This is done to tighten internet services there, especially ahead of the Communist Party Congress that took place in August 2017.

One of the VPN service providers, ExpressVPN claims to have received notice from Apple that its services will be removed from the China App Store for loading "illegal content".

"We are disappointed that this decision shows how great the Chinese government pressure to Apple to block VPN usage is a big problem for us," ExpressVPN said in a statement.

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