Official, Nokia 105 and 130 For Sale From $ 15

Nokia 105 and Nokia 130
After the release of Nokia 3310 new version in February, HMD global again launched two feature phone line. Each titled Nokia 105 and Nokia 130.

Naming two feature phone that has been circulated several times in the market within the last four years. This time, Nokia 105 and Nokia 130 comes with the latest version to meet the needs of modern society this era.

With a simple oval design, the Nokia 105 and 130 promise skill on battery life.

Nokia 105 pinned an 800 mAh battery for a 1.8-inch screen size. The battery is claimed to hold up to 15 hours for calls and about a month in a stand-by state.

Meanwhile, the Nokia 130 is also sailing 1.8 inches has a larger battery with a capacity of 1020 mAh. The battery can be used to play 11.5 hours of video, 44 hours of FM radio play with headset, and a month in stand-by post-one condition.

Nokia 105 is not yet equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, while the Nokia 130 is already connected with Bluetooth. Both are equipped with legendary game Snake Xenzia, and can buy the game Doodle Jump and Crossy Road.

Nokia 105 comes with 4 MB of RAM and memory, It can store up to 500 short messages and up to 2,000 contacts. In Nokia 130, RAM and memory are larger ie 4 MB and 8 MB. Memory can be added up to 32 GB by utilizing the microSD slot.

Nokia 105 is priced at US $ 14.5 while Nokia 130 is slightly more expensive at US $ 21.5.

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