On Make Over, Chrome OS Made Touch-Friendly

Chrome OS
Chrome OS is the work of the world's internet giant, Google devoted to laptop devices. This operating system is usually installed on the middle-class laptop device down and now has many devices that run it with a sports touchscreen.

Reported from GSM Arena, Google has tested touch iterations on Chrome OS. Users who can access this must use Chrome OS version of Canary. This version is the most unstable and bug-prone version.

In fact, if you are a Canary user, you need to enable a new UI through a flag.

To use this touch-friendly, select the bottom of the screen that shows the search box and suggested apps. To find other things, users simply shift it.

Users can also utilize the voice search function if desired. This will make the user request appear in a new window.

The new UI is rumored to appear on a stable Chrome OS that will be near its users later, but it may take up to several weeks for the update to be present. 

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