PlayStation 5 Predicted Coming in 2019

PlayStation 5
Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter predicts the birth of the PlayStation 5 in 2019. Previously this analyst has predicted the release of the PlayStation 4 Pro which is part of the PS4.

"PS4 Pro is better than the PS4, so I think there's a half step ahead that the PS5 will be present," he said quoted from Game Spot.

"My prediction PS5 will not be present in 2018. The device is likely to be present in 2019 or 2020. But chances are 2019," Pachter added.

He also said that the 4K resolution will be the standard on the PlayStation 5 that has been presented on the PS4 Pro. In addition, the device will also support 240 frames per second.

Sony's own party still has not commented on these predictions. Meanwhile, Pachter also did not elaborate on other special specifications or price.

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