Qualcomm Seeks to Thwart iPhone Sales

The legal bickering between Qualcomm and Apple has not ended. The big company in the field of smartphone chipset maker is still trying to fight back the lawsuit that Apple filed against him.

This time, Qualcomm's resistance is done by asking the United States government to block or block the sale of the latest iPhone. In addition, they also want the existing iPhone sales are currently stopped.

As reported by The Verge, Qualcomm accused Apple of infringing his six patents on how to extend the battery life of the smartphone.

Currently, Qualcomm is reportedly filing an objection letter through the US International Trade Commission and US District Court for the Southern District of California.

"Qualcomm's invention is inside every iPhone and has gone into categories that exceed mobile standards. Apple continues to use Qualcomm technology but refused to pay the license, "said General Counsel for Qualcomm Don Rosenberg.

This patent problem can be regarded as an escalation of the tension relations between the two companies. Before, Qualcomm and Apple had also been at war on anything else.

The earlier dispute revolves around the alleged monopoly of Qualcomm and the excess of charges imposed on Apple.

The Federal Trade Commission had filed a lawsuit against Qualcomm over the issue of monopolistic practices in the sale of smartphone modems. At the same time, Apple also filed a similar lawsuit.

Apple feels Qualcomm is asking for excessive pay in the use of certain patents. In addition, the technology giant also accused Qualcomm of misappropriating its position as a market leader and apply unfair terms of use.

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