RED Make Android with "Hologram" Screen, For Sale Start US $ 1,195

Red apparently did not want to miss the mobile trend. This week, the manufacturer of high-end video cameras announced it will release its first smartphone product called Hydrogen One.

Its flagship feature is a 5.7-inch "holographic screen" that is claimed to feature "conventional 2D content, multi-view holographic content, 3D content and interactive gaming."

I do not know what Red means by the ability of the holographic "screens" to be conceived like the gimmick, but may be related to augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), mixed reality (MR), and holographic technologies.

Red also claims that the holographic display technology in Hydrogen One can be enjoyed without the need for glasses or special tools.

"Our display technology has never existed before," says Red Jim Jannard founder, as summarized by The Verge, "It's hard to describe it, unless you see it yourself."

In addition to the hologram screen, Hydrogen One will also have a modular accessory system like Motorola Moto Z or Essential Phone, but focus on image recording as the specialization of Red.

Hydrogen One plans new will be ready to be marketed in 2018, but Red has opened a pre-order session.

Price of Android-based phone is set high enough, ie US $ 1,195 for the body aluminum version and US $ 1,595 for titanium-based version.

Except a handful of the above features, the Hydrogen One specification is still not much revealed. Red oun reminds enthusiasts that the Hydrogen One hardware configuration is not final yet and can still change.

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