Russia Spies The French President's Campaign Through Facebook

Emmanuel Macron
Russian intelligence is said to be trying to spy on French President Emmanuel Macron during the presidential election campaign in early 2017, which was done using a fake Facebook account.

This is expressed by a member of the United States Congress, and two others who are aware of the matter. According to them, there are about 24 fake Facebook accounts created to spy on Macron's official campaign activities.

In April, Facebook claimed to have overcome the false accounts that spread false news related to the French presidential election. But at that time, they did not mention the existence of spying activities using fake accounts.

Russia of course has repeatedly dismissed its involvement in French Presidential Pilots with hacking, or the spread of emails and documents. But US intelligence mentions a link between hackers and the Russian government, although they have no strong evidence that the Russian government has ordered the hacking.

Quoted from Venture Beat, Facebook was then admitted that they detect a spy account in France, and immediately disable the account.

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