Samsung Get Ready to Make Smart Speakers

Samsung Smart Speakers
After the emergence of Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple HomePod, and other smart speakers, Samsung did not want to miss.

South Korean company is reportedly intend to make a similar device. Samsung will immerse Bixby as an assistant behind smart speakers made later.

So far not known the name that will be carried by Samsung smart speakers. But as quoted from Ubergizmo, development of this smart speaker using the code name 'Vega'.

When it first launched Bixby, Samsung said it had big plans for the digital assistant. Means in addition to immersed in the Galaxy S8, could be a smart speaker included in Samsung's big plan for Bixby.

But if it's true, the presence of Bixby in Samsung smart speakers is not something special. The reason, Google Home smart speakers have offered the same thing, even so Apple HomePod embedded Siri digital assistant.

For the curious what kind of Samsung smart speakers, it seems still long enough to find out until the device is released to the public. Because in addition to the development of new possibilities began, Samsung is also called having difficulties in the development of Bixby in order to speak English.

So far, the new Bixby is fluent in Korean. As for the introduction of English, Samsung is still in the process of collecting data for a more flexible later use Bixby.