Samsung Releases 400 Thousand Units Galaxy Note 7 Recondition

Samsung Releases 400 Thousand Units Galaxy Note 7 Recondition
Some time ago Samsung released a statement confirming the presence of Galaxy Note 7 recondition. This is done South Korean technology giant is related to environmental issues.

As quoted from Ubergizmo, what Samsung did to the Galaxy Note 7 is to save all the components of the problem phone, then throw the batteries are problematic.

Furthermore, Samsung reunite the components of the Galaxy Note 7 that can still be used and install a new battery more secure.

Latest, the company released Galaxy Note 7 reconditioned with the name of Galaxy Note Fan Edition. Ascertained, Samsung uses a new battery for the reconditioning device, ie a battery capacity of 3200mAh which already meets the eight stages of security testing.

Moreover, all the specs Samsung smartphone with the iris eye scanner is still the same as the Galaxy Note 7. Only, Galaxy Note Fan Edition comes with an operating system update, namely Android 7.0 Nougat. Not only that, reconditioned phone that also comes with a personal virtual assistant Samsung, Bixby.

To date it is reported that Samsung will sell at least 400 thousand units of Galaxy Note Fan Edition in its home country. Unfortunately, there is no information whether the company will sell it in other markets. One is for sure, Galaxy Note 7 reconditioned will not be sold in the United States. 

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