Samsung Will Recycle 157 Tons of Used Trash Galaxy Note 7

At least in October 2016 Samsung has attracted about 1.9 million units Galaxy Note 7 from the market. Samsung also released Galaxy Note FE (Fan Edition) which is a reconditioned version of the Galaxy Note 7.

But the leading technology company is just launching unit Galaxy Note FE in the South Korean market in limited quantities, ie 400 thousand units.

If calculated, Samsung may still have more than 1 million units Galaxy Note 7 which is not released back into Galaxy Note FE with a smaller battery capacity. What will Samsung do with the other Galaxy Note 7 carcasses?

Citing the Gizmochina page, Samsung said the company will recycle more than 157 tonnes of Galaxy Note 7 mineral material. The restored minerals consist of gold, silver, copper, and cobalt.

Meanwhile, other parts of the Galaxy Note 7 such as screens, camera modules, processors, and memory will be reused for other products. Not only that, some others will be used as a replacement material for the damaged Galaxy Note FE.

Samsung also mentioned, it will do the recycling process with environmentally friendly method, that is in accordance with environmental standards. According to reports, the recycling process will be done through partnerships with local and foreign companies.

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