Set The Record, Drone It So The World's Fastest

A drone can now reach a higher speed than a Tesla car. A few days ago, Drone Racing League managed to set the world's fastest drone record in the Guinness World Record. Drones named DRL Racer X can fly at a maximum speed of 179.6 mph.

This flight test is conducted outside New York City, monitored by a supervisor from the Guinness World Record to verify the speed achieved by this drone.

In this test, the drone must fly through a 100-meter field. The speed of drone that goes into the world record is the average speed, which is 163.5 meters per hour.

The fastest drones are a new category in the Guinness World Record. Guiness party said, if you want recorded in the world record books, the minimum speed to be achieved drones is 128 meters per hour.

The drones used to score the world record differ from the drones used in the competition. Drones are used in a race called Racer3, and have a maximum speed of 85 meters per hour. While the world-record-breaking drone is a prototype that has the same core platform as Racer3.

That means, someday, the startup maker of racer3 can create a drone at the same speed as the prototype named RacerX. However, for now, this drone prototype is only used to set a world record and show the potential of future DRL drones.

Drone Racing League recently earned US $ 20 million from Sky and Liberty Media Corporation and will start the season on July 20th.