Sony Increases PlayStation Plus Price In Europe In This August

PlayStation Plus
Are you a Playstation player? You must know this latest news. Sony today has emailed PlayStation Plus customers in Europe, announcing that their subscription fee will increase by 31 August. Fortunately, those who remain loyal to a one-year subscription will have no further costs to worry about.

Sony says it will automatically change the Plus membership price from August 31, so if you are an existing member, all recurring subscription fees payable by you on or after August 31 will be charged at the new rates.

Sony has not given a proper explanation of why membership prices are rising, but you should check your auto renewal settings if you're unhappy with the additional costs you'll get.

According to Sony's official statement, this price increase is to keep the service running in line with current market conditions of the industry.
"We are dedicated to delivering the PlayStation Plus service as well as possible with the most exciting content.On September 1, 2015 we will increase the price of PlayStation Plus subscriptions monthly and three months according to market conditions."
In September, Sony has raised Playstation Plus prices in the US and Canada. Some and many people who suspect Europe will also follow soon after, and now it seems the time has come. Just like last year's rise, Sony did not give a reason why the price increase.

Source: Engadget