Spotify Denies Promote Fake Artist

As one of Sweden's leading streaming music, podcast, and video service providers, you can find music and singer genres in Spotify.

Although they've earned millions of times streaming in mood-based genres like Sleep and Ambient Chill, Spotify stumbled allegations of promoting fake singers.

In the genre, there are many artists whose profiles are not clearly displayed. As quoted by the BBC, one music expert says Spotify does not violate if the company pays commissions or buy music that has been produced.

"We never created a" fake "artist and put it in a Spotify playlist. Point, "Spotify said.

Spotify added, it has no rights, no productions, and all music gets permission from the owner of the work, and pays them.

But when checked, there are some names in Spotify, but do not have a webpage or personal social media. For example, Relajar, which has been streamed 13.4 million times.

Mark Mulligan from MIDiA Research says there is the possibility Spotify pays others to produce content, but the pay is small.

He also said Spotify might buy an existing music production from another company. In effect, the artist in question does not want to display his real name. But this is all Mark's guess. He found no concrete evidence.

Mark suspects this is one way that Spotify does not pay for all the music played. "10 years studying Spotify, they have not made a profit, but Spotify is the most successful streaming platform in the world," lid Mark.

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