Spotify Prepare Driving Mode Features

Spotify does not want its streaming music service limited to use while relaxing, but also can be enjoyed when driving a vehicle.

In driving conditions, of course users will not be free to tinker with the song because it must concentrate on driving the car. That's what Spotify wants to solve through the Driving Mode feature.

The feature is being developed by Spotify. It was revealed from Reddit users, Chris54721 that Spotify tested the icon button used for those who were driving a car.

Reporting from The Verge, features Driving Mode is located in the lower left corner when the song is played with a car shaped icons. When the icon is clicked appears a new user interface, such as forward and backward buttons with a size large enough.

Interestingly again, in the middle of both buttons there is a microphone icon. It is estimated that the icon can be used for Spotify users to access the song by relying on voice or voice recognition.

But the appearance of Driving Mode features that Chris54721 diverted through the screenshot could have changed because there is still a lot of testing done Spotify before actually officially launched.

Until now the streaming music service from Sweden that has not commented about will launch the Driving Mode feature.