Tesla Wants to Make the Largest Lithium Battery in the World

Tesla was not only able to make an electric car, but they can also produce its own lithium battery cell. In fact, they will make the largest lithium battery in the world.

This comes from the promise of CEO Tesla Elon Musk who claims to overcome the power outages in South Australia, which routinely occur due to bad weather conditions. Tesla also won a tender for the procurement of lithium ion batteries with a capacity of 100 megawatts in Australia.

This means, the battery named Tesla Powerpack system will be the lithium ion battery with the largest capacity in the world. A battery of that size would be used to supply electricity to more than 30,000 homes, equivalent to the number of homes affected by routine power outages.

His own power source comes from the Hornsdale Wind Farm wind power plant located in Jamestown, South Australia, according to The Verge.

Previously Musk also boasted that Tesla only takes 100 working days to complete it. If the target is not reached, then Tesla will not be paid for the results of his work.

As a result, Tesla should be able to complete the project in December, or they must lose money of US$
50 million. But Tesla should be able to achieve these targets, because this is not the first Powerpack system they make.

The system was first launched in 2015, and is now used in a number of places. One is the island of Kauai in Hawaii, where there is a solar power plant, and the Powerpack system is used to store the generated electricity.