The Oldest Emoji Found in Ancient Pot, Like What?

Ready who do not know emoji? Character expression in the form of this symbol is never absent from the chat that we send on the instant messaging service. Although shaped virtual, not a few people make emoji as a real product, such as pillows or accessories.

Indeed, the first emoji was created around 1998 or 1999 in Japan. How would it be if there were emoji being touted as the oldest emoji in the world. What does it look like?

As The Sun reports, an ancient pot was discovered by a team of archaeologists who were currently digging in Gaziantep, Turkey.

Interestingly, this pot displays the image "emoji smile" on the body. Meanwhile, this pot used to drink sherbet or a typical drink mixed from natural ingredients.

Nikolo Marchetti, a professor from the University of Bologna who leads the excavation considers that this is the oldest emoji smile in the world. He estimates the pot comes from the year 1700 BC. That is, this pot already exists more than 3,700 years on earth.

Emoji smile has been transformed as part of the international language used around the world.

"We do not know what the purpose of this symbolist is, but we call it a smile," Marchetti said.

Currently, he and his team are still continuing excavations until September. Could they find other interesting emoji relics?

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