The Right Way Clean the Mobile Phone

Clean the phone
As objects taken anywhere, even to the toilet, the phone is arguably the dirtiest gadget.

Instead, clean the phone regularly so regular activities. Thus, the phone will be more comfortable to wear, look sleek and healthier for the wearer.

Consider some ways to clean the following phones.

1. Use a special liquid

Cleaning the smartphone screen is the same as cleaning the LCD monitor. Must use a special liquid, because if not, can damage the device. You can buy this special cleaning fluid at a computer equipment store or gadget.

During cleaning, either by wiping or scrubbing the screen, use a soft cloth made from microfiber. For example, a cloth commonly used to wipe glasses. The soft texture of the fabric is great for sensitive phone screens.

2. Wear duct tape

Some specific points like the sidelines of the keypad and headset holes so dust and stubborn dirt hiding.

To clean up the difficult parts, you need some tools. Toothpicks or used toothbrushes can help you clean the phone at points that are not covered by the fabric.

Especially for dust and dirt attached to the speaker hole for example, you can not push it in, but must pull the dust and dirt out. Well, it could be by using simple equipment such as masking tape.

Glue the tape on the speakerphone hole. Press-tape adhesive tape, let stand for a moment and lift the tape off the speakers.

Dust and dirt will stick to the tape. But keep in mind, do not press the tape too strong because it will leave the remaining adhesive glue in the speaker hole of your phone.

Cleaning the dust on the sidelines of the phone can also be done with a mini-vacuum cleaner. These vacuum cleaners are usually sold in computer stores to clean the sidelines of the keyboard and laptop.

3. Wipe with alcohol

To remove germs and bacteria on the body of the phone, pour enough alcohol on a soft cloth. Do not get too wet so that the alcohol does not get into the electronic components.

Use to wipe the keypad and phone case. Just rub the alcohol on the outside components, because that is often exposed to germs just on the outside.

Be careful for phones that have a certain type of body paint and buttons. Because it could have the button faded exposed to alcohol.

The screen of the smartphone should not get alcohol because there are several types of smartphones whose screen is not resistant to liquid alcohol.

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