There is a Role of Government Behind the Ransomware Petya Attack?

There is a Role of Government Behind the Ransomware Petya Attack?
Last week, the world was again startled by a ransomware attack called Petya. Malware is touted similar to Wannacry has been attacked about 64 countries, including Russia, Brazil, and the United States.

However, until now can not be ascertained the perpetrators of the attack. Nevertheless, according to some security researchers Petya is a cyber attack based on political motivation.

NATO's Cooperative Cyber Defense Center of Excellence (CCD COE) said the attack was supported by government actors or at least by government approval. It was not separated from the target Petya attacking the government system.

"The government system has become a target, in other words, this operation is a form of violation to attack the sovereignty of the state," wrote Tomas Minarik, researcher from CCD COE, as quoted by The Verge.

Another reason, according to the NATO-sponsored cyber-security research center, is an attack aimed at the central institutions of Ukraine. That made the attack invisible to ordinary cybercriminals.

"This operation is not too complicated, but somewhat complicated and expensive to be prepared and executed by hackers with limited power," he said. Ransom value is very less, even impossible to cover operating costs.

For information, Ukraine is indeed the first country known to be the victim of this attack. This malware attacks the system at airports, national banks, to government offices in the country.

Ukraine itself had time to blame the Russian hacker is the actor behind this attack. On the other hand, some big Russian companies are actually also hit by such attacks.

For information, Petya is said to have a worse effect than WannaCry and possibly more difficult to stop its spread.

The attack targets Windows PCs in a similar way to other ransomware. So, Petya will ask a ransom to the victim to free the files that are locked by the malware.

For the Petya case, a ransom value is required in the form of Bitcoin with a value of US $ 300. According to the report, there is already a total ransom payment of US $ 9,000.

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