There is a Serious Danger Threat Behind New Features Snapchat

There is a Serious Danger Threat Behind New Features Snapchat
For Snapchat users in Indonesia, please be careful. The reason, there is a serious threat in the new features of this application. If careless, might your safety in danger.

The new feature is Snap Map which has been officially released last week. To be able to use the new location sharing feature in this map service, users simply update the app only.

But in this Snap Map feature, not all users are aware. As soon as the user agrees to share the location on the map, it means that your location anywhere and anytime, will instantly appear on the map, every time you open the app.

Indeed, at first, Snap wants to spoil its users for the convenience of sharing location whenever the user uses the Snaps to Our Story feature. The goal is that other users can get recommendations where the fun visited by a friend, for example.

Unfortunately, not all users really understand this feature, and do not do privacy settings in the beginning. As a result, every time a user opens this app, Snap will automatically notify all of his followers or the friend list of his users, his last location is.

Imagine if we were at home alone, and idly open the application because there are incoming messages or other notifications, geotagging the location of the location of the user will be immediately dispersed automatically.

Unfortunately, this feature is clearly vulnerable to misuse. The Snapchat user's home can be patrolled by a thief, or more sinister, a person who intends to harm us. All may be because the user's location data has been so exposed.

These concerns have started voiced by a number of leading technology media abroad so try this application. For example, to make special posts to warn Snapchat users.

Because the application made by Evan Spiegel et al is so popular teenagers today. Not impossible because of their carelessness and ignorance in using the service of this application, they even open the gap to harm yourself.

The Verge immediately contacted the Snapchat for further inquiries. From the Snap representative's explanation, it is recognized that the user's location map will still appear from the last time it opens its app, for example 1 hour or 2 hours ago.

Geotagging location that he said will only survive in some time only. Once over 8 hours, the user's location will automatically disappear from the map - until the user reopens the Snap app.

So, for you Snapchat users who want to disable the Snap Map, we recommend selecting 'Ghost Mode' mode in the settings icon whose position is on the top right. Remind also your friends of this potential danger.