This Smart Sticker Helps Detect Sexual Harassment

Smart Sticker
Some devices are deliberately created to help women report sexual harassment that they are experiencing or to protect themselves from attackers.

The form varies, ranging from whistles, panic buttons, smartphone applications, and others. Unfortunately, various protection devices from sexual harassment must be user-activated and this is not always considered possible during an emergency.

Well, recently researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Manisha Mohan created a device called Interpid to help detect the occurrence of sexual abuse in women.

Citing Ubergizmo, Interpit can be used by women, how to embed it on clothes, for example on a bra or other clothing.

Actually, Interpit is a sticker that connects with the application on the smartphone belonging to its users. The app contains five contact persons who can be reached during an indication of sexual harassment.

Actually Interpid way quite unique, namely by detecting when the user's clothes are forcibly removed. For example when the user fainted and someone was forcefully undressing the user's clothes. Interpid will be active and send messages to five contacts that have been registered in the application.

According to Mohan, he has tested this device to 70 people to see if the user is comfortable enough to wear it. So far, said Mohan, many users judge the sticker does not cause interference.

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