Twitter Claims to Increase 10 Times The Blocking Of Abuse Accounts

Twitter strives to get its platform free of accounts that do hate speech. Therefore, they claim to have increased 10 times more action against the number of accounts that apply roughly every day.

Twitter also limits the functionality of the account or suspends thousands of accounts that are more violent each day.

There are breakers who repeatedly create new accounts after being suspended for being found to be in violation. The new Twitter system, in the last four months alone, has removed twice as many account types as this one. The Twitter team also does a daily content review and continues to improve how to implement existing policies.

"Twitter's commitment to make this platform safer starting last January First, by researching to gain a deeper understanding of the issues, then carrying out a series of product updates, we have also established a Trust & Safety Council to collect feedback Support our work in the future, "said Ed Ho, General Manager, Consumer Product & Engineering, Twitter.

They also acknowledge that accounts that show abusive behavior are now limited for a while, and Twitter tells the reason. Accounts entered into this limited function period result in 25 percent fewer abuse reports and about 65 percent of those accounts are in this state only once.

Not only that, Twitter has introduced a new way to customize the user experience, including notification filters and mute certain keywords. This filter reduces unwanted interactions: blocking after @mention from people they do not follow down 40 percent. These numbers will vary, but the approach has a positive impact.

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