Uber Launches Speedboat Service in Croatia

Uber Launches Speedboat Service in Croatia
Uber launched a speedboat transportation service in Croatia on Friday (6/30/2017), which will be aimed at connecting a number of tourist attractions in the Adriatic Coast region.

The service called UberBOAT offers a speedboat that can accommodate up to twelve people. Previously, this service was first tested in Istanbul, Turkey and Miami, United States.

Referring to Reuters, UberBOAT will operate in Croatia during the summer. "UberBOAT offers two different services: transfers between the mainland and the island, or a speedboat rental for a half day or all day trip," Uber said in a statement.

Furthermore, Uber says users can not stay overnight on speedboats or rent speedboats without captains and sailors.

Users will be able to set their own travel itinerary during daily trips or choose an organized schedule that involves some of the most popular destinations.

For information, in Europe, Croatia is one of the popular tourist destinations. The tourism sector accounts for about 18 percent of the country's gross domestic product.

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