Users Complain OnePlus 5 Battery Life

OnePlus 5
OnePlus 5 has recently been on the market, but the phone has several times received complaints from its users. This time the complained is the battery is somewhat wasteful.

OnePlus 5 battery consumption is called too large when the phone is not in use, even when the user has activated the Doze mode. Their OnePlus 5 battery consumption is called 20-25% when unused throughout the night.

These complaints are submitted by users in the OnePlus official forum. Uniquely, this complaint comes after OnePlus fixes OnePlus 5 issues that can not be used to call emergency phone numbers like 911 in the United States.

There is no official answer from OnePlus on this issue, including the fix. But because this problem has been reported in OnePlus official forum, should the manufacturer from Shenzhen, China, this already knows the problem, as reported by Phone Arena.

Previously, there were also a number of users of OnePlus 5 reported his cell phone could not be used to call emergency phone numbers like 911 because his phone always died suddenly.

This incident was reported by some users on the Reddit forum site, one with Nick Morrelli's account. He realized the irregularities as he tried to report a building fire in Seattle, United States, where his phone was suddenly automatic restart.

There is also another OnePlus 5 user who reported a similar incident, this time its location in the UK whose emergency number is 999. Although not many or not many victims, a phone that can not call the emergency phone number is a big problem.

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