Users Complain OnePlus 5 Screen Problems

Users Complain OnePlus 5 Screen Problems
After being accused of cheating on benchmark results, another problem reportedly occurred on OnePlus 5. This time the screen became the main focus of a number of parties.

The reason, some users reported the OnePlus 5 screen turned out to look bumpy when worn. Constraints known as 'jelly effect' This displays the effect of the visual transition screen is not smooth.

In response to the report, OnePlus said the effect was common. The China-based company also ensures no difference in the screen used on OnePlus 5 with previous series.

"OnePlus 5 uses high quality components with equivalent levels of other OnePlus versions, including AMOLED screens," said OnePlus representative as quoted from BGR. Not only that, the company also ensures there is no problem in the quality control of the device.

Although considered ordinary, this kind of effect is considered quite disturbing for the user. But it is not certain that the number of users who complained about the problem.

For information, this is not the first time OnePlus 5 got into trouble. In addition to being accused of rigging benchmark measurement results, the camera's camera capabilities are also known not in accordance with promotional materials.

The OnePlus 5 camera incorporates optical and digital zoom capabilities. This is different from the previous information, which calls this camera '2x lossless zoom', so many parties consider that the ability is an optical zoom.

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