Wimbledon Use IBM-Made Intelligence for Match Analysis

Wimbledon Use IBM-Made Intelligence for Match Analysis
Utilization of artificial intelligence increasingly widespread. Today, IBM Watson's intelligence is used by prestigious tennis tournament organizer Wimbledon to analyze matches.

Citing a Bloomberg report via Engadget, those attending the Wimbledon match will be able to access Watson's digital assistant through an app called Fred.

This app will be able to help them do a lot of things, like navigating the field where the match takes place, searching for a food booth, and finding out the game schedule based on the players.

In addition IBM also created a technology that can predict how tight a game is, based on the metric they develop, named "competitive margin". This metric can compare the player's ratio in terms of errors he made.

It is no less interesting that Fred will showcase what strategies each player may use in each particular match and who has the greatest chance of winning the match.

To note, IBM has been a sponsor of Wimbledon since 1990 and Watson has been part of the event before. Last year, IBM used Watson to analyze the audience's face in the crowd.

The goal is to see if artificial intelligence can learn to predict which players are supported by the audience based on the audience's facial expression.

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