Xiaomi Opens Smart Speakers at Affordable Prices

Xiaomi Smart Speaker
Xiaomi made sure to follow in the footsteps of other technology companies that released smart speakers. Along with the launch of MIUI 9, the company also introduced Mi AI Speaker.

Just like other similar products, these speakers can be controlled via voice commands. Later, users simply give voice commands to control other Xiaomi smart products, such as lights or multimedia devices.

Quoted from Phone Arena, the design of this speaker at a glance similar to Amazon Echo. Mi AI Speakers have colorful LED lights on top as device markers are on.

Mi AI Speakers are equipped with six omnidirectional microphones that can receive voice commands from a distance of up to 16 meters. Xiaomi claims, this device is able to issue high quality audio because it has three speakers.

This speaker can also be used for streaming music, audio book, and radio. In addition, these speakers can also have additional functions, such as making a phone call or announcing a notification from a smartphone.

To support performance, Xiaomi will provide online catalogs that AI speakers users can access. Not yet certain when these speakers began to be marketed, but this device will be priced at an affordable price, US $ 45.

Before Xiaomi, another Chinese company that launched similar devices was Alibaba. E-Commerce's largest in China was released TMall Genie earlier this month.

The speaker is equipped with a virtual assistant named AliGenie. Similar to other virtual assistants, AliGenie can receive and perform various voice commands of users.

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