Xiaomi Send 23.16 Million Smartphones in Q2 2017

Co-founder and CEO of Xiaomi, Lei Jun, announced the achievement of the company during the 2nd quarter of 2017 in a joint meeting of all employees and stakeholders on 7 July.

Lei, said, in the second quarter of 2017 Xiaomi managed to deliver 23.16 million smartphone. This figure increased 70 percent compared to the previous quarter.

"This achievement signifies a major change in Xiaomi's growth.After two years of internal re-calibration, Xiaomi entered a period of rapid growth," Lei said.

He continued, Xiaomi achievement is an important thing for the company. "Until today, no other smartphone company that globally managed to resume growth after experiencing sales decline," said Lei.

Lei said, there are some things that companies do to achieve this achievement.

"First, Xiaomi is focused on technological innovation, and in recent years, Xiaomi has consistently increased investment in research and development," Lei Jun said.

With the consistency of increasing investment, the company's recovery continues after a setback.

Lei also revealed smartphone sales declined because the company has difficulty with supply. So that the supply chain of Xiaomi smartphones was hampered.

Xiaomi's second step is to update the business model, which integrates online and offline retail.

"As an internet company, e-commerce is an essential part of Xiaomi's retail strategy, and up to July 7, 2017, Xiaomi has opened 123 Mi Home stores all over China, and every shop that opened has a good response," Lei said.

Even on July 8, Lei said that the company has opened 14 new stores. Another step Xiaomi has made is a three-year continuous investment in global business.

"Xiaomi's global business has achieved not only significant growth but has skyrocketed considerably from previous years, but Xiaomi's performance in India, Indonesia, Russia, Ukraine and some other countries is very good," Lei Jun said.

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