Xiaomi X1 is not Redmi Pro 2, this is the proof

Xiaomi X1 is not Redmi Pro 2, this is the proof
Xiaomi reportedly is working on a new smartphone that carries the name X1. Rumors are outstanding, this smartphone will be packed with 5.5-inch screen and has a resolution of 2160 x 1080 pixels and support Snapdragon 660 chipset.

Not wanting to miss with its competitors, Xiaomi also produces X1 with a dual-camera rear touch. The embedded dual-camera sensor will adopt IMX362 or IMX386 sensors. Unfortunately, there is no further information about the composite dual-camera composition.

Another feature that will be loaded into this smartphone is fingerprint. In fact, not a few gadget enthusiasts who predict that Xiaomi X1 will be present in two variants, namely 4 GB RAM + 64 GB RAM and 6 GB RAM + 128 GB ROM.

Many also say, the presence of X1 will replace the position of Redmi Pro 2. Really? In fact, the X1 is a new product from Xiaomi and will have different designs and specifications with Redmi Pro 2.

Based on the latest leaks, Redmi Pro 2 will not use the Full-Display screen. Meanwhile, Xiaomi will also pack Redmi Pro 2 with 6-inch screen that has Full HD resolution or 1,920 x 1,080 pixels and IPS LCD technology.

Indeed, Xiaomi will also produce Redmi Pro 2 with dual-camera support. Although still premature, many say Xiaomi will immerse the composition of dual-camera 12 MP + 5 MP. While the front camera is 16 MP that has accommodated selfie photos.

Other news, Redmi Pro 2 will use Snapdragon 630 chipset and 3 GB RAM which is estimated to have a price of 2,299 yuan or about $ 338. Most likely, Redmi Pro 2 and X1 will be launched simultaneously, ie at the end of July 2017.