8th Generation Intel Core Processors Replace Next Month Laptop

8th Generation Intel Core Processors
Intel finally officially announced the new processor Intel Core 8th generation. Through this new processor, Intel claims to want to improve the performance of a broader platform that will affect the various technological innovations.

Thus, indirectly Intel claims the 8th generation Intel Core processor will have a better performance than the previous generation.

"Through the 8th Generation Intel Core processor, we are inspired to create a thing that exceeds the previous standard," Intel wrote in its official statement.
"With the latest generation, we want to provide enhanced platform performance that will affect the innovation that is happening around us, from 4K to VR and continue to grow in the future.All of these we hope can be reached more easily by everyone,"
Intel claims a new mobile processor version that will have Coffee Lake code will perform with performance up to 40 percent higher than previous generation processors. Meanwhile, when compared with devices that are aged five years, the difference in performance to two-fold.
According to Intel this can be achieved thanks to the latest quad core configuration technology, power-efficient microarchitecture, and better optimization. Intel also said the device that uses this processor can watch 4K UHD video for 10 hours with just one charge. 
The new 8th Generation Intel Core Processors will be present for mobile devices like 2 in 1 laptops and notebooks. While the desktop version will follow. Devices that use Intel Core 8th Generation will begin to be marketed next September and desktop version will be present later this year.