Acer Introduces Latest Predator Headset Galea 500

Acer Predator Gaming
In addition to announcing PCs and gaming monitors, the IFA 2017 Acer also showcased two new devices that are quite curious. Still included in the Predator family, these two devices are the Predator Galea 500 headset and the Cestus 500 mouse.

In its official statement Acer wants to offer a device that can sustain the needs of gamers other than Predator's advanced specifications. One of the hallmarks offered is the Predator logo that uses blue light as seen on the Galea 500 headset.

Acer claims, Predator Galea 500 is a headset that has supported 7.1 surround sound, with TrueHarmony 3D technology. This technology allows the headset to produce sound from the right location, thereby directly improving the player's accuracy. This is useful for those who play seriously.

Prestator Cestus 500 into a gaming mouse that is claimed to meet the practical needs of playing games. Acer said, this mouse has a button that is quite unique can be adjusted style refuse.

This is useful when players try many types of games. For example, lower starting styles when used for playing FPS games, and lighter press styles while playing strategy games. Of course, as a product now, this mouse also provides profile settings.

For the Predator Galea 500 price will be set at US $ 300, while the Cestus 500 valued US $ 80. Both will slide from November.