Apple Offers New iPhone More Expensive than Galaxy Note 8?

iPhone 8
The latest high-end iPhone class reports with thin bezel support will be offered at a price of US $ 999. The price is higher when compared with the iPhone 7 generation that is currently available in the market.

Rumors are circulating calling Apple will release a number of new iPhone models including the iPhone that carries a cosmetic look similar to the current generation iPhone and armed with internal updates and iPhone with the look and a number of new features.

Based on the information circulating, the new iPhone to be launched Apple will carry the screen with a slim bezel, a key opening feature with facial recognition via infrared, magnetic induction charging, and the latest generation of censor-deep sensor cameras.

Apple is predicted to host the event in September, featuring its latest iPhone and other rumored devices, including Apple Watch's LTE version and Apple TV updated version capable of supporting 4K resolution content.

In addition Apple will also showcase new features in the latest iPhone series is supporting its decision to market the smartphone with a high price when compared with previous models.

Meanwhile, its competitors, Samsung officially released the latest flagship smartphone that is Galaxy Note 8, which also comes with a slim bezel design and the largest screen ever presented Samsung.

The device is marketed with prices starting at US $ 930, higher than the Galaxy S8 for US $ 725.

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