Apple Smart Goggles Have 3D Camera?

Apple Company
In June, Wall Street analyst Gene Muster revealed the popularity of the Apple iPhone will be replaced by the technologically intelligent sunglasses Augmented Reality (AR) that is rumored to be developing.

Munster reveals, iPhone sales will peak in 2019 thanks to the launch of Apple's glasses the following year. This can be interpreted Apple smart glasses will be more popular than the iPhone is a very popular consumer.

Smart glasses are also expected to be the realm of new competition, although according to Phone Arena, the product that will lead iPhone sales, named Apple Glasses, is rumored to still require connectivity with IOS operating system.

Apple is reportedly going to explore features that might be available on the product. It is also thought to be the design benchmark to be applied to other smart glasses.

One of the opportunities Apple is exploring is a function that allows users to control the camera, sensor and screen of the smartphone, and direct it to the user's face.

Apple's smart glasses will also be armed with a 3D camera, but without the support of a special screen on the device. One of the employees of Foxconn calls this product will not armed with a camera to save battery life.

However, the Foxconn employee statement was not agreed by the Financial Times. The microphone mounted on the eyeglass frame will allow for directions-related notifications and make any requests that are called to Siri.

Apple developed this smart eyewear project seriously, seen from the engineer Apple took for this AR eyewear project. A number of engineers working for Apple were previously involved in Microsoft HoloLens device developers, and Oculus Rift VR headsets.

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