Apple Unintentionally Leaked Information iPhone 8

iPhone 8
Apple is known worldwide for its secrecy of having a bad week ahead of the iPhone 8 launch. This is related to the biggest leak out of the Cupertino origin company itself, and not from people in its supply chain.

This is related to the pre-release HomePod firmware that was uploaded to the public server last week. According to The Guardian, the firmware should be disseminated internally.

The firmware is full of details about the upcoming HomePod, but information outside of HomePod that keeps people all over the world listening to it. For example, the information provided the first 100 percent official iPhone 8 image dubbed D22.

Despite being silhouetted, it tells many things. For example, the loss of the home button. The images that appear confirm the speculation that Apple will soon kill the feature on the front of the phone.

And what as his successor? A virtual home button will partially fill the void, but it will not replace the Touch ID. Is it possible that the fingerprint sensor is below the screen? Probably, but details on HomePod firmware mention that Apple at least on the next iPhone switch from Touch ID and choose infrared based face recognition.

Identified as Peal ID, the new feature will probably shift Apple's biometric tendencies from thumb to face, allowing multiple purchases by simply scanning the user's face.

In addition, the top of the phone is also interesting. Apple is obviously shifting towards the front of the brim, and on a leaky image, the screen looks expanded to the top of the phone. However, in the middle of the top, there are pieces, which is almost certainly where the camera.

Some other information also revealed. For example, the phone can record video in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second. That number goes up from 30 fps on the iPhone 7 Plus, and is sure to be greeted happily by vloggers around the world.

Speaking of cameras, the firmware shows that the phone will come with a depth sensor. This feature can help make the selfie better, but also the key to augmented reality. What's more, according to iOS developer Guilherme Rambo, the phone will have SmartCam which will set the camera settings aligned based on the detected scene.

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