Apple Watch 3 Announced With New iPhone 8?

Apple Watch 3
No longer a secret that Apple plans to announce its latest mobile phone in September. However, the iPhone is not the only device that will be introduced in Apple's annual event.

Rumors are growing mentioning, Apple also plans to launch the device Apple
Watch 2 successor. Device called Apple Watch 3 name will appear simultaneously with the iPhone 8 and two models of iPhone 7s.

According to information from sources cited by CNBC, Apple Watch's latest generation no longer needs to connect with the iPhone to be able to receive phone calls. The ability to function independently without the need to connect with the iPhone is considered beneficial for consumers with limited budgets.

Such capability will enable consumers who have not been able to buy an iPhone to have an Apple device via its smartwatch this work first. The source also said Apple Watch 3 will be armed with embedded SIM, and not a physical SIM card.

The embedded SIM packing is intended to enable users to take advantage of cellular connectivity. In addition to making and receiving phone calls, Apple Watch 3 will also be armed with the ability to broadcast music without connecting to the iPhone.

Until now unknown information related to Apple Watch 3 support battery, as well as the impact of features such as cellular connectivity on the durability and battery life of this device.

Meanwhile, previous reports mention Apple Watch next generation will be supported by Intel modem. Apple Watch is also reported to be marketed through all major mobile operators in the United States, including AT & T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon.

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