Apple Watch of the Year Supports 4G?

Apple Watch
 Apple plans to release Apple Watch equipped with LTE this year, according to a Bloomberg report. In theory, the 4G feature on Apple Watch will allow users to leave their iPhone and still be able to use all the features on the smartwatch.

Currently, you need to make sure your iPhone is near smartwatch to make sure all the functions on that smart clock can be used, such as receiving notifications and making calls. Unfortunately, as mentioned by The Verge, there is a lot of information that isum be known about this Apple plan.

Not closed the possibility, Apple will provide 2 models Watch, the version with LTE and without LTE version. Chances are, they will be selling Watch with LTE at a more expensive price, just like they do with the iPad.

If Apple Watch has LTE, it will require a separate data packet. Even so, Watch seems to have to stay connected with the iPhone, even if the phone and the smart clock are not within close range. Another problem that Apple may face if they use the LTE feature is the battery. Even without LTE features, Apple Watch has a battery that is quite wasteful.

Intel will create an LTE modem for Apple Watch. While this is not important to customers, it has great significance in the battle between Intel and Qualcomm, which is the dominant company in the LTE modem market. Now, Apple is in trouble with Qualcomm's patent related. Choosing to work with Intel looks like Apple's attempt to downgrade Qualcomm.

One thing that is not discussed is the design: whether Apple Watch will still carry the same design this year.

Apple launched Apple Watch, Series 2 in September last year. At that time, two new features that Apple introduced were GPS and anti-water features. The new Apple Watch seems to be released in September, along with the iPhone launch.

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