Artificial Intelligence Disney Can Give The Short Story Popularity

Researchers at Disney and University of Massachusetts Boston are now developing a network that can assess the quality of short stories.

Now, the artificial intelligence is not yet able to analyze the story like a professional critic, but AI is already able to predict the story that will become the most popular.

"Our neural networks are quite successful in predicting the popularity of the story," said Disney Research researcher Boyang Albert Li in an official statement.

"You can not yet use it to choose the winner of the writing competition, but it can be used to help future research." Researchers used questions and answers on Quora to train their AI algorithms.

Most of the answers that appear on Quora appear in story form and the reader can vote so that the most popular answer will come up. The number of votes is then used to measure the quality of the story.

In this study the researchers collected nearly 55 thousand answers and used more than 28 thousand answers that could be considered a story.

Each answer contains 369 words. After that, the researchers then developed several neural networks.

One AI is in charge of assessing the story based on existing sections and one other AI to view the story as a whole. Each AI will then make a prediction of the popularity of a story.

Then what's in it for Disney to develop this AI? Going forward as a Disney movie studio can take advantage of this technology to choose the scenarios they will produce into movies or animations.

But now, this technology is still in early development stage. Hopefully, researchers can create AIs that choose stories not only based on popularity, but also quality.