Bitcoin Exchange Rate Reaches US $ 4000

The bitcoin exchange rate is soaring. The exchange rate was very much above last year's exchange rate which was only in the range of $ 972. Rising bitcoin exchange rate this time could make some digital currency investors worry because it is considered to have entered the bubble area at any time its value can be directly plunge.

As reported by Forbes, the increase in exchange rate bitcoin has now reached 300 percent from year to year. The increase in digital currency exchange rates began in early 2016, with exchange rates breaking through US $ 1000. Since then the exchange rate has skyrocketed and has now managed to break the US $ 4000 figure.

Some market analysts expect an economic bubble effect in the near future. It certainly has the potential to make the exchange rate bitcoin to plunge drastically. However, until now the number of players and users in the bitcoin market is increasing. Many even believe that the bitcoin exchange rate will break to US $ 5000.

Bitcoin itself is one of the most popular digital currencies today. Bitcoin is widely used in foreign countries,because it is very practical, not regulated by the central bank, and has a secure transaction system.

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