Creator of Vertu Luxury Mobile Starts Asset Auction

In bankruptcy, Vertu had to cash out its assets to pay off its debt bills, and to pay salaries to workers who had supported the luxury smartphone manufacturer.

Phone Arena reported since a few days ago, Vertu sold all the remaining products at its factory in England, including products exhibited in his museum, the old model phones, sculptures, awards and so forth.

Vertu luxury devices are marketed through an auction house called G.J. Wisdom & Co., with preliminary pricing quotes that are still considered to be high enough to reach consumers in the middle class.

Consumers interested in owning a luxury phone with a physical button design and not a touchscreen can buy a more affordable Vertu model. For example, one Vertu phone in the Signature line that was launched for US $ 19,000 is now auctioned for US $ 14,500.

Meanwhile, consumers of unique product lovers with limited quantity had the opportunity to obtain the device from the Vertu concept collection amounted to 105 units. The initial auction price offered for the unit is from US $ 26,000.

However, the collection was sold for no less than US $ 172,000. The more affordable Vertu phone is marketed at a price slightly higher than US $ 1,300, because this device includes a range of early models launched by the British company.

With a number of products and assets that were successfully auctioned off, Vertu reportedly earned quite a lot of money. Until now still not available information related to the amount of money obtained Vertu is sufficient to pay all debts.

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