Disney Official Split from Netflix

There is bad news for you fans of movies and Disney series who often watch it on Netflix. All of Disney's content will certainly stop serving on the video streaming platform in 2019.

Instead, Disney will launch its own streaming video platform. In fact, he is said to be acquiring most of BAMTech streaming service shares worth US $ 1.58 billion.

The Disney cable TV business, such as ESPN, will also earn the majority of Disney revenue.

However, it is uncertain where ESPN's current direction is, given that the user's habits have now changed from watching cable TV more skewed to watching streaming video. It could be that ESPN will be integrated with Disney's new video streaming platform.

This Disney-based video streaming platform brings together all the Disney series video and movie content, from the oldest to the very latest.
Latest movies like The Lion King live action version, Disney animated movie with Pixar, serial content from Disney Channel, Disney Junior, and Disney XD will also be sure to attend.

The Netflix party itself did not provide official information related to the departure of Disney. Known, the streaming video platform that has pocketed 100 million subscriber is now trapped in debt with large par. Unmitigated, the amount of debt the company reached US $ 20 million.

His long-term debt ranged over US $ 3 billion, which he spent on formulating his exclusive serialized content.

According to a report published in the Los Angeles Times, Netflix is known to require huge funds for the cost of producing an exclusive series like Stranger Things and A Series of Unfortunate Events.