DJI Releases New Security Features for Drones

The DJI drone producer announces a new feature that allows drone users to disconnect from the internet while flying a drone.

The feature comes as DJI's efforts in strengthening the security system in its drone products. The presence of this feature also appears to be a direct response of DJI whose products have recently been banned from use in the US military.

"We have created a system of local data mode that enables enterprise-class users to fly drones without having to connect to the internet.This is very important for our various partners who use the DJI drone for very sensitive purposes," DJI's Vice President of Policy and Legal Affairs, Brendan Schulman.

Drone DJI can only be flown if the user is connected to the internet. Internet connection is needed as a means to drone can read various data such as geological location, frequency settings, until other settings are claimed to improve experience of its use.

Recently there is news that the DJI drones can be hacked and hackers can already tap the drone because it connects dire
ctly through the internet network. It makes various users worry when using DJI drones.

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