Elon Musk Acknowledges Bipolar Disorder

Elon Musk
Everyone must have an uncertain tide in life, not to mention Elon Musk. Yes, the young billionaire recently admitted to having bipolar disorder.

The astonishing confession, Musk submitted from a tweet question one of the citizen.

He asks, does Musk have a life of ups and downs? The reason, many people think Musk has a pleasant life assumption came from his uploader in Instagram, most of the photos show a flamboyant and full of luxurious life Musk.

"The fact is I have times where I feel really great, but there are also moments where I feel bad, stress relentlessly.I think people do not want to hear the last two things I mentioned," Tweet Musk via his official Twitter account, @elonmusk.

Suddenly, other citizens were curious about Musk's statement that seemed to reveal himself experiencing bipolar disorder.

"Do you have bipolar?" Asked the citizen. The company boss of SpaceX and Tesla also responded briefly and casually, "Yes."

Musk added his tweets. He did feel bipolar, but did not know medically suffered from bipolar disorder or not.

"Maybe (bipolar) but not medically, I do not know, most bad moments must have something to do with bad feelings," Musk chanted further.

For information, bipolar or bipolar disorder is a mental disorder that affects a person's psychic condition. So, mood alias bipolar mood can change in an extreme in time that can not be determined.

Bipolar comes from the word two poles, where these two poles are opposite. There is a pole of happiness in mania where the phase of the patient will feel overwhelming, or also the "depressed" pole where the sufferer feels such deep sadness that the two poles alternate in an alternating time. 

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