End of September Planet Nibiru Will Appear and Destroy Earth

Planet Nibiru
Doomsday is sure to happen, but when? Of course no one knows. But the signs of the apocalypse have been clearly explained both in the scriptures and hadith of the Prophet.

But some people believe, if doom happens within a matter of weeks. Where the apocalypse that occurs due to the emergence of a planet in our solar system that is still 'hiding,' and waiting for the right moment to appear.

The planet is a mythical Nibiru planet in decades. So who predicts this planet will appear and cause doomsday? And where does the theory come from?

Quoted from the Daily Mail, a Christian numerologist David Meade once again warned of the possibility that the mysterious giant 'Nibiru' planet would fall to Earth.

According to his strange theory, this solar eclipse this month will signal that the planet will emerge, which has never been observed by scientists, and will collide with the planet earth. Meade uses several verses from the Bible to support his unusual claims. Nibiru, sometimes referred to as Planet X, has been predicted to end the world several times since 2003.

Earlier this year, Meade claimed that Nibiru would clash with the Earth in October, after being driven by the gravitational force of the binary star shared with the sun.

He said the star is hard to recognize because of the angle that approaches Earth.

On August 21, just before the apocalypse takes place according to the Meade prediction, the United States sky lover will be treated to a total solar eclipse seen from coast to coast. After the eclipse, the big planet will appear on the horizon and hit Earth, causing human extinction. Meade says the upcoming eclipse is a warning sign.

"The Great American Eclipse on August 21, 2017, is a big sign omen," he told the Daily Star.

Conspiracy theories say that after the eclipse, Nibiru will appear in the sky on September 23, before colliding with the Earth. He presented several theories to support his unusual claim.

"This makes observation difficult, unless you fly high above South America with a very good camera," he added.

In his book, he claimed to present scientific evidence, but readers commenting on the book say the argument quickly developed into a religious argument.

"Nibiru and other stories about a miserius planet are Internet tricks," Nasa spokesman said.

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